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Study in Australia

Australia country is famed for its pioneering innovations, it ranks among the top 3 study abroad destinations. Apart from the Group Eight Universities, the island nation houses some of the leading academic institutions offering quality education across fields. Australia is the origin for inventions like Wifi and Google Maps which the world now depends upon. Studying under renowned experts and professionals, students can gain skills and grow abundantly in their unique field of interest. Studying in Australia guarantees high academic standards and globally recognised qualifications with education administered by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). From experiencing a serene environment and exploring the world’s largest coral reef, studying in Australia is definitely a unique experience.

Admission Requirements

  1. Copy Of A Valid Passport
  2. Australian Secondary School Certificate Of Education (Year 12) Or Equivalent Or Diploma / Advanced Diploma From The Vocational Education And Training (VET) Sector
  3. ACT/SAT/LSAT For UG Programs
  4. Academic Transcripts From The Previous Study
  5. GMAT/GRE Scores For PG Programs
  6. English Proficiency Scores (TOEFL/IELTS)
  7. Letters Of Recommendation
  8. CV/Resume (If Applicable)
  9. Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  10. Evidence Of Funds

Australia Student Visa Process

We at Educasia provide you a few steps to undergo the procedure of getting Student Visa for Australia:

  1. Apply for Admission in Australian College/University
  2. Pay Tuition Fee and Get Confirmation of Enrolment
  3. Undertake Medical Examination
  4. Medical Examination
  5. Visa Lodgment
  6. Visa Outcome
  7. Decision

Listed Colleges/Universities

  1. University of Newcastle (UON)
  2. Swinburne university of technology
  3. Federation university
  4. Dakin university
  5. Edith Cowan university
  6. Griffith university
  7. ATMC
  8. AIH
  9. Sydney College of Business and IT (SCBIT)
  10. King's Own Institute
  11. The Hotel School
  12. Einstein college
  13. University of South Australia
  14. Victoria university
  15. The One Internation college
  16. University of Sunshine Cost
  17. Flinders University
  18. Stanley College
  19. AIBT
  20. UIT
  21. HCI
  22. PCBT
  23. RGIT
  24. Leads college
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