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Study in Mauritius

Mauritius is a country located in the Indian Ocean which is best known for its white beaches, reefs and fascinating forests. It is one of the best countries to pursue an education at an affordable price in South Asia. The country has developed one of the finest education systems that have led to students enrolling in universities from various parts of the world. With almost half of its population practising the Hindu religion, by studying in Mauritius, you can fulfil your dream of attaining overseas education by experiencing less cultural shock.

Why Study in Mauritius

It is the most common question put up by students who want to study in Mauritius. Despite white sand beaches and blue waters, currently, Mauritius is home to world-famous universities and medical schools. Though it seems an island of aesthetics, it never fails to surprise the world with its innovations and discoveries. It provides world-class and internationally recognised education followed by affordable living costs for international students. Below we have listed some of the top reasons why one should pursue their future educational endeavours in Mauritius.

Popular Universities in Mauritius

Choosing the right universities overseas is a pivotal step towards a successful career. Mauritius is home to many top universities which have been globally recognised as centres delivering high-end education in various fields and providing globally recognised degrees to the aspirants. The top-notch institutions in the country are equipped with international research centres which are ideal to carry-out research in leading domains. Listed below are some renowned universities in Mauritius-

  1. Open University of Mauritius
  2. Middlesex University
  3. Amity Institute of Higher Education
  4. The University of Technology, Mauritius
  5. Charles Telfair Institute
  6. Whitefield Business School
  7. Elite Business School
  8. University of the Mascareignes
  9. Mauritius Institute of Training and Development
  10. SUPINFO International University
  11. Anna Medical College and Research Centre
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